Monday, February 26, 2007

Rare RCA PLCC Parts- Maybe the first PLCC!

I have several pieces of two different styles of RCA parts 68EM0504EC and EDGE LEVEL CRYSTAL. These are engineering sample parts from back in late 60-s or early 70's. Need help identifying these parts? Plese give me a call if you have any experience or knowledge about these parts.

Western Digital FD1771B-01 Floppy Controller Family

Sorting through our 1771 Floppy Controller Inventory and we have quite a selection of old and unique parts from National and Westrn Digital. Any interest in adding these to your IC collection I will part with some of them. Call me at 714-558-8822 or see us online at

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vintage IC's Collecting Rockwell Chips

This week I have been cataloging some of my Rockwell Microcomputer Chips. These are very unique 64-Pin ceramic parts with lots of gold and very hard to find these days. I have noticed with Rockwell Gold IC's the gold leads tend to be more fragile than say Intel and others. I need to find the best way to preserve them as they get brittle, corroded and start to fall off.
Here are some I got today. They are all new old stock. Some are really nice and others have spots and marks caused by age.