Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vintage IC's are Works of Art!

This has been a very busy month so far for me. I have managed to add several more Vintage IC's and Electronic Components to my growing collection. Many people tell me it is really Jewelery. Yes it is really that good. I have recently added some device that should be in an Art Museum. Hope you like them. First part is a Altera EPB2001JC EPROM chip in a PLCC package and the patina on the gold is quite nice. Next is a very special exotic XC4010-20 CPU chip from Xilinx. Not sure the history (would love to know more about this one) but it is sure impressive. Then I added a few very rare Zilog Z8 CPU chip and a COP820 engineering unit from National Semiconductor. The Z8 was designed to be mounted in a special chip carrier made by 3M. I have more but will wait til next week so hope you go to and check out our collection.