Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vintage IC's that made Jerry Sanders Rich

Intel and AMD made real inroads in the RAM market. Initially making RAM chips was very lucrative but over time became so competitive that Intel and AMD exited the RAM market for most commodity products. Here are some real collectible SRAM chips. If you know any more about these please let me know. Most are 3101, then 3106 and 3107.
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Few Zilog Historical Finds at

Collecting anything is fun. There is a certain excitement in discovering some old relics rarely seen from the past. Of course the IC does not have the long history as other things have. It is nice to visit the 18th century but they were not too big on electronics then. But the IC proliferated faster than other technologies and so there are just a whole lot of neat parts out there. Today I worked on part of our Zilog inventory. Z-80 and SIO/1. Wish I had some better old Zilog parts. Also found some nice ECL and MECL Gold parts.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Exploring Laser Diodes Some Classics at

Today I classified some of our Fiber Optics and Laser Diodes. Hard to call them vintage as most are in the early 1990's but some go back a ways. These parts are really precision and marvelous examples of superior workmanship from companies like Mitel, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and more. See more at Any comments appreciated as I do not know Laser Diodes that well.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vintage Potentiometers added to

Today was Pot Day at No not the smoking kind- just old collectible potentiometers from Helipot, Dextrol, Litton, Spectrol, Clarostat, Precision Controls, Ohmite and Waters. Unfortunately most of these we only have one piece as they are really nice examples of vintage electronics. The manufacturing style in the early days was very evident. Some should be in the Smithsonian like the Litton 35780 Model 5301 Multi-section potentiometer. It is 25 turn, 1K ohm with 1/4" shaft and 4 1/2" diameter. Made by Litton and datecode is 8142. This is extremely rare and very collectible. We have two but will only sell one piece. Here are some Pots from the 1970's.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 adds Intriguing new Vintage CCD's

CCD's came on the scene in the early 1980's. The semiconductor industry were challenged for new ways to package these chips as they required windows and odd shapes and sizes. The obsolescence factor was significant as the technology advanced quickly so many parts never found good homes. We have several in out collection from Fairchild, Toshiba and NEC. These are beautiful parts to look at. The light reflects in different ways and in colors. They are like works of art. Here are a few of the Charge Coupled Devices we added yesterday.
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Monday, March 19, 2007 Grand Opening now with 50% Off

These guys must be crazy! Why not- let's get everyone hooked on collecting IC's. It is fun and addicting. A friend of mine has over 3000 chips in his collection. I have over 5000 chips. The types of packaging and styles have changed so much since the early 1970's. Here are some that are posted online at at 50% off.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Relic Mostek MK4332D unearthed at

Nice morning as I discovered a few old classic Mostek parts from the late 70's. Not sure but as I recall they made hybrids for a while to meet allocations demands. This was short lived and there are precious few of these parts around anywhere. If you have any let me know. dfreeman@acpsuperstore or

Thursday, March 15, 2007 New but Old IC Additions

Thanks for visiting our new website The compliments have been appreciated. Eventually we will have more vintage computer, electronics, integrated circuits and semiconductors online than anybody. I hope you enjoy the ride as we continue to add new vintage parts from the past. Here are some recent additions. Some of these go way back to 1967!

Friday, March 9, 2007

10-cent TTL Logic at ACP Surplus Grand Opening Online!

Here is the latest on ACP Surplus
SANTA ANA, California—March 8, 2007—ACP Surplus today announced that it will make available 74LS TTL Logic Chips at only 10 cents each during the Grand Opening Celebration of its new online website. No minimum quantity restrictions. Integrated Circuits that normally sell for up 15 times that price are available. Applies to all 74LS with 10-cent sale price, which is over 50 different part numbers while supply lasts.

ACP (Advanced Computer Products, Inc.) is legendary for their distribution of electronic components since 1976. Now ACP Surplus will make available to IC collectors, vintage circuits and hard-to-find chips some only available at ACP. There is a growing new culture of “Techno-Collectors” that are collecting old IC’s, CPU’s, Transistors and other components. ACP Surplus will stock and support this growing community of collectors. ACP Surplus is one of the first companies to recognize and support the vintage chip enthusiasts.

“Collecting has always been part of my business background as I too love and am fascinated by the old technology,” said David Freeman, ACP’s founder and President. “For over 25 years I collected vintage PC’s and Mac’s and started The Freeman PC Museum ( and at the same time I collected IC’s. I am now making these vintage IC’s available to other collectors. Vintage IC collecting is a recent phenomenon that started first in Europe and now more and more techies are getting involved in the USA. Problem is most of the high-demand chips are in short supply and there will be no more produced so availability is getting difficult on some chips.”

Electronic hobbyists can stock up on their 74LS logic requirements during the next 30 days at The 10-cent offer will continue for 30 days or until our inventory is exhausted.

Visit ACP Surplus online at for their grand opening special on 74LS and browse their selection of vintage IC’s and Semiconductors. Also Dave maintains a blog on vintage IC’s at
Press Contacts: David Freeman ACP Surplus
(714) 558-8822
Fax (714) 558-1603

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ancient Transistors from 1960's ACP Surplus

Without the advent of the transistor we would be living a very different lifestyle these days. It is fun to look at some of the old package styles and types of early transistors. I was searching the net and noticed some of ours are now in the Smithsonian! I put some of these and more up on just yesterday!

2N117 Vintage TI Late 1950's Silver Can Quote from First TI transistor design hermetically sealed with a welded closure. TI type numbers were 2N117,2N118,2N119,USN2N117, USN2N118 & USN2N119. Introduced in 1956. The US Navy issued the first Military Procurement Specification covering silicon transistors for these type numbers. TI was the first qualified supplier. Production of silicon transistors in this package continued into 1973. (Series shown in 1973 Data Book.) The design work for the welded package was done on a Signal Corps Manufacturing Methods contract.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Winbond New IC Manufacturer for the Collection

Not sure the history of Winbond? They were after my early days in the 1970 at Fairchild, National and AMD. I guess they made a fair number of Static RAM chips and I have a few! Some were popular in the maufacturing of he early video games and computers.
Just put some up at

Monday, March 5, 2007

Vintage IC Intel 7220 & SSI201 Nice Collectibles

Trying to get through my vintage IC inventory and I find it takes a day to go through one box. Discovered some interesting prime Intel parts. The 7220-1 is a Bubble Memory Controller in a 40-Pin CERDIP package. Probably vintage 1981. Also the C3211 and C3210XA are old parts and I have no idea what they do?
The Silicon Systems SSI 210 is a Integrated DTMF Receiver vintage 1980 in Gold White or Purple CERDIP 22-Pin package. Also I have it in standard CERDIP.
Like to know more about these parts? Please send input along such as what the Bubble Controller was used with?

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Vintage Flatpack Military Parts Hard to Find!

They are still using them but the old gold flatpacks are sure pretty parts. Not sure how many I have but I go through them from time to time. Some people collect coins and enjoy the look and feel of the gold and the silver. I like the same feel of the old military parts. Here are some I just listed.
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Ancient 7400 Low Power Nice National Gold Part

Still cleaning out the warehouse. Had a call on Low Power 74L123 so I decided to look further. Came across this really nice DM74L164D from National Semiconductor. Datecode is 1974 and it is almost all gold. I only have 18 pieces so I placed one on at $24.99. Probably bought this one for about a penny. But it has been in the warehouse since 1978-79. I also put some 74L154's up online. Nice parts. Reminds you of the good old days! I worked at National for 3-4 years in the early 70's and I can remember this kind of stuff always going on allocation- big battles were fought over product allocation. I usually came out on the short end due to power advantage abused by Tom Lauer (National Sales Manager at the time). unbeknownst to Floyd Kvamme and others running National at the time.
Note: The AMD 74L154 looks like it may have been a counterfeit part as it looks like it was marked after the fact.