Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's a Wrap! "Homecoming" with Mischa Barton and Matt Law & Directed by Morgan J Freeman

Just left Pittsburgh and the snow, wind, rain, ice and sub-freezing temperature. If the Paper Street Films team and crew wanted to shoot their film in gray, gloomy and dreary conditions the weather certainly cooperated. How they withstood the harsh conditions is beyond my warm California blood. I lasted about 3 hours on the set and after watching two wicked scenes by Mischa Barton I got out of town and headed for Chicago to thaw out! Arrived in Chicago town on Friday the 18th and it was 10 degrees. Today, Saturday, it will reach minus numbers! Sunday is supposed to be even colder and we are not far from Green Bay and a bunch of crazy guys will try and play football in this kind of weather. Morgan, Mischa and company are very lucky as the word I got in Pittsburgh was that they get their weather from Chicago. So as cold as it was during the shoot they are going to miss the super-cold as they are all headed home.
I met the entire crew plus the producers and I was very impressed with everyone. They all said it was one of the best crews they have ever worked with and I could see it as I watched them pull down an entire set and relocate in order to shoot outside and hopefully miss a potential snow storm- they moved outside and did their shots and at about 11:00 AM the snow storm started!
So a big "job well-done" to the entire team and here's hoping their hard work results in a successful movie!
For me I'm heading back to California for some Fun in the Sun!