Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ancient Transistors from 1960's ACP Surplus

Without the advent of the transistor we would be living a very different lifestyle these days. It is fun to look at some of the old package styles and types of early transistors. I was searching the net and noticed some of ours are now in the Smithsonian! I put some of these and more up on just yesterday!

2N117 Vintage TI Late 1950's Silver Can Quote from First TI transistor design hermetically sealed with a welded closure. TI type numbers were 2N117,2N118,2N119,USN2N117, USN2N118 & USN2N119. Introduced in 1956. The US Navy issued the first Military Procurement Specification covering silicon transistors for these type numbers. TI was the first qualified supplier. Production of silicon transistors in this package continued into 1973. (Series shown in 1973 Data Book.) The design work for the welded package was done on a Signal Corps Manufacturing Methods contract.

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