Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ancient 7400 Low Power Nice National Gold Part

Still cleaning out the warehouse. Had a call on Low Power 74L123 so I decided to look further. Came across this really nice DM74L164D from National Semiconductor. Datecode is 1974 and it is almost all gold. I only have 18 pieces so I placed one on at $24.99. Probably bought this one for about a penny. But it has been in the warehouse since 1978-79. I also put some 74L154's up online. Nice parts. Reminds you of the good old days! I worked at National for 3-4 years in the early 70's and I can remember this kind of stuff always going on allocation- big battles were fought over product allocation. I usually came out on the short end due to power advantage abused by Tom Lauer (National Sales Manager at the time). unbeknownst to Floyd Kvamme and others running National at the time.
Note: The AMD 74L154 looks like it may have been a counterfeit part as it looks like it was marked after the fact.

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