Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vintage Potentiometers added to

Today was Pot Day at No not the smoking kind- just old collectible potentiometers from Helipot, Dextrol, Litton, Spectrol, Clarostat, Precision Controls, Ohmite and Waters. Unfortunately most of these we only have one piece as they are really nice examples of vintage electronics. The manufacturing style in the early days was very evident. Some should be in the Smithsonian like the Litton 35780 Model 5301 Multi-section potentiometer. It is 25 turn, 1K ohm with 1/4" shaft and 4 1/2" diameter. Made by Litton and datecode is 8142. This is extremely rare and very collectible. We have two but will only sell one piece. Here are some Pots from the 1970's.

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