Monday, October 8, 2007

FAIRCH 50th Fairchild Semiconductor Reunion Highlights

The 50th Reunion for Fairchild Semiconductor was held October 5-7 at The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. I will offer a few observations and photos over the next couple weeks. One surely could say...If it wasn't for Fairchild the world would certainly be a different place today. It all started with the Planar Transistor! This Technology was the key serendipitous discovery and invention that made Fairchild successful! Nobody knew for sure if it was possible but the early pioneers successfully created, perfected and put into production the planar technology.
Here is a screenshot of the first planar transistor created in 1957 by Fairchild!

I joined Fairchild in 1969, hired by John Richardson and Eric White, to handle sales out of the Hollywood Office. I believe the reason our sales office was located across from Grauman's Chinese Theatre was the choice of Jerry Sanders who was part of the sales team in LA. Jerry handled Hughes Aircraft in SoCal and word was he would pre-announce his arrival to Hughes via company intercom and pitch the Fairchild Line to groups while usually standing on a desk. He provided them with a show and sales pitch they would never forget!
In 1968 Les Hogan joined Fairchild from Motorola celebrated by "Hogan's Heroes".

Working at Fairchild in the early days was quite a learning experience. Things moved at lightspeed! If you were slow to get with the program the sales machine would run you over! Everything and anything was possible at Fairchild. Success was the common denominator, if I learned anything it was: work smart and keep focused you would win and be successful. You were surrounded by SUCCESS!

Gordon Moore joined by Bernie Marren and Murray Siegel!

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