Thursday, March 12, 2009

RTL CTL CµL LOGIC in the Early IC Technology at Fairchild Semiconductor

Back in the early 60’s Fairchild and Texas Instruments decided to develop new technologies and integrated circuits for the commercial marketplace. For Fairchild the big breakthrough was Planar technology that made them one of the key players in the early days. Initially the first IC’s were RTL (Resistor Transistor Logic) followed by CµLOGIC (Counting Logic). Most of the sales were to defense contractors in fact NASA used the 914 and 923 on the Apollo Guidance Computer. Prices in those days were around $50 each so I decided to offer some of the same types of parts at prices below the threshold set in 1960-70. I actually worked at Fairchild in the early 1970’s and some of these parts were still being sold- although DTL was the hot part when I was there! So here are some of the parts that I have added to eBay and lots more coming…
If you have input on what these parts actually are and what they were used for please send it along. All I know is there were basic gates and flip-flops in those days!
Here is what I added today
All Fairchild
F900HC Vintage 1978
FµL90029 Vintage 1974
FµL91529 Vintage 1969
FµL90429 Vintage 1969
Fµ5B995879X Vintage 1971
FµL92129 Vintage 1967
FµL91129 Vintage 1965
FµL97429 Vintage 1970
FµL92629 Vintage 1969
FµL90329 Vintage 1969
FµL92329 Vintage 1967
F923HC Vintage 1983
MC910G Vintage 1967
FµL91429 Vintage 1967
FµL91029 Vintage 1964
More later……….

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