Saturday, May 23, 2009

IC Collecting 101 New Vintage Mil-Spec Integrated Circuits

The US Military and NASA has produced some of the most spectacular integrated circuits design for harsh and high reliability environments. The recent repair of Hubble and the return of our Astronauts could not happen without the semiconductor industry and the incredible technology inherent to these electronics gems. Here are some that are MIL-SPEC that we placed on eBay as well this week....
Dave Freeman
5962-8956805YA IDT 1994, 5962-8956805YA PERFORMANCE 1994, 5962-8978501PC HCPL-5731 HP 1996, 5962-89839022A LATTICE 1991, XC3042-70PG132B XILINX 1992, 5962-8670514RA INMOS 1989, Bt453KD66 BROOKTREE 5962-8965301LC-883C, JM38510/11001BCC RAYTHEON GRAY, 5082-7395 HP, 34811DM FSC 1974, IN2982B GOLD, JX1N2988B, CINCH 6-PIN EDGE CONNECTOR

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